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Developer Tools

Developer Tools 7 Files
Uniform Server 3.3
WAMP package (Apache, MySQL, and PHP + Perl for Windows). Just extract the file and go... Can run from USB stick.
OS: WinXP WinNT WinMe Win2003 Win2000 Windows
Licence: Free
File size: 5.95 MB
Date added: 12 April 2006
1640 4937
Angel Writer 3.0
Free text editor to create impressive documents that contain formatted text, graphics and tables.
OS: Windows Win98 WinXP
Licence: Free
File size: 1.56 MB
Date added: 09 February 2006
561 3103
CSVed 1.3.7
Easy to use and powerfull csv editor.
OS: WinXP WinMe Win98 Windows
Licence: Free
File size: 574 KB
Date added: 09 February 2006
451 2387
dBworx 3.6
A versatile database program. Simple yet easy to work with.
OS: Win98 Windows WinXP
Licence: Free
File size: 1.2 MB
Date added: 08 February 2006
475 2409
PHP 4.4.1
The most popular web programming language. Extremely simple for a newcomer, but offers many advanced features for a professional programmer.
OS: WinXP Win98 Windows
Licence: Free
File size: 8.08 MB
Date added: 26 January 2006
1155 3179
MySQL 5.0
The web most popular relational database.
OS: WinXP Win98 Windows
Licence: Free
File size: 17.36 MB
Date added: 26 January 2006
401 1305
Super NoteTab v2.63e
Multi tab text editor.
OS: Windows
Licence: Free
File size:
Date added: 26 January 2006
436 1723
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