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HTML Editor

Internet / HTML Editor
HyperVRE 1.03
Build thousands website, not pages, using this website generator. Each website optimized for Google Adsense. In non-free version, also optimized for Clickbank affiliate, Amazon, and other affiliate program. This is a net marketer power tools.
Limitation:Only support Google Adsense code
File size:3.1 MB
Developer : Matt Callen (689 visits)
Date added:15 September 2006
Pageview: 4551
Total Download: 1793
HyperVRE is the tool for internet marketer. Theis software can automatically generate thousands or unlimited fresh, unique content-rich webpages from highly targeted keyword lists. Niche, mini site, they used to call it.

The software generates content of the webpages by pulling article from HyperVRE articles databases. In this free version, do not try to generates web pages using complex keyword. For example, just use single keyword like 'marketing'.

HyperVRE also automatically places several rotating RSS feeds to ensure that all pages are unique and highly related to the topic. Having these RSS feeds will make your pages unique to the search engines and you shouldn't get penalized for duplicate content.

Use the power of pay-per-click ads with the potential of affiliate payouts by creating contextual ad links within your content-driven webpages. Dynamically create unique affiliate links and employ them in the content of your webpage based on the keywords of your website.

HyperVRE free edition come with 27 predesigned templates.

The software is frequently updated. A lot of error happened during pages generation. ***

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