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Design & Photo

Design & Photo
Virtual Cycles 3D Chop Shop
Interactive software to build and customize your big bike.
OS:Windows Win98 WinMe WinXP 
File size:
Developer : Virtual Cycles, Inc (541 visits)
Date added:06 February 2006
Pageview: 3322
Total Download: 914
Virtual Cycles 3D Chop Shop is interactive software that allows you to build and customize your ride at home or the office right on your computer. In complete and realistic 3D, you can change parts, accessories, and paint colors by simply clicking your mouse.

With full zooming, rotating, and alternating camera views, the only limit is your imagination. Use our custom color palette and paint patterns to visualize the bike of your dreams. Stop imagining what your bike might look like, and start seeing what your bike will look like...before you buy. Build your Ride with Virtual Cycles 3D Chop Shop.

In addition to these help files, we recommend that you help us build our on-line community, which will provide Chop Shop owners wth tips, tutorials, free graphics for painting the bikes, bike files that you can exchange with others, contests with real prizes, and new parts that we will make available for download.
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