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Do It Yourself
Do it yourself (DIY) on home improvement and home repair. »

28 January 2012 (750 clicks)

Family Handyman
DIY and home improvement projects dan do-it-yourself home repair. Also a lot of info dan tips for small workshop. »

31 January 2012 (587 clicks)

Home ideas, home decorating, home DIY-project, craft project, etc. Part of Reader's Digest. »

31 January 2012 (683 clicks)

Share what you make. Instructable enable user to share whatever do it yourself project they make. »

07 February 2012 (1308 clicks)

Free art lesson and diy project for kids and teachers. »

07 February 2012 (3432 clicks)

Make magazine: provides info on how to DIY-ing all technology around us, maximizing the use of technology in everday life. »

07 February 2012 (1287 clicks)

Showcase for good, nice, and artistic products that are made from recycling, reusing, or upcycling. »

07 February 2012 (1502 clicks)

Recycle for the Arts
Recycle junk into art. »

07 February 2012 (1375 clicks)

Things People Make
Social network for crafters, makers and do it yourself-ers. Enable members to share projects as they develop and get community feedback, including feedback on to sell or not to sell it. »

16 February 2012 (1419 clicks)
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