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Bright Hub
The hub for bright mind. Provides technology, science, and eduation information that you can act on. »

28 January 2012 (597 clicks)

Rent, buy, or sell textbooks for college student. Also offering homework help. »

31 January 2012 (767 clicks)

Columbia University
Columbia University - CSIS Program in Indonesian Economic Institution Building in a Global Economy. »

27 February 2005 (1038 clicks)

Cornell University
Southeast Asia Program at Cornell University. »

27 February 2005 (1133 clicks)

Harvard Open Course
Free Harvard University courses, presented by Harvard Extension School’s Open Learning Initiative. »

31 January 2012 (619 clicks)

Harvard University
Hardvard University Asia Center »

27 February 2005 (833 clicks)

Khan Academy
Khan Academy, a virtual school where anyone can learn anything, provides free world-class education resource to anyone anywhere. Khan Academy is like a 'one-man university', established by Salman Khan, funded by Google and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. »

31 January 2012 (649 clicks)

Free art lesson and diy project for kids and teachers. »

07 February 2012 (3426 clicks)

MIT OpenCourseWare
Free online course material: lecture notes, class assignments, tests and audio and video of professors' lectures. Presented by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). »

31 January 2012 (612 clicks)

Open Yale Courses
Free and open access to introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. »

31 January 2012 (582 clicks)

Pennsylvania University
Center for East Asian Studies at University of Pennsylvania »

27 February 2005 (875 clicks)

Princeton University
The Southeast Asia Society at Princeton University »

27 February 2005 (763 clicks)

Read Print
Online directory of books that are freely available online: public-domain books, classics books whose copyrights have expired, etc. »

31 January 2012 (577 clicks)

Video sharing for students and teachers. »

31 January 2012 (625 clicks)

Skillshare is a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone: enables everyone to lear and teach each others. »

21 January 2012 (561 clicks)

Stanford University
Asia Pacific Research Centre, Standord Institute for International Studies »

27 February 2005 (1135 clicks)

Online learning platform that provide a free, high-quality education to anyone. Established by Sebastian Thrun, a Research Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and a Google Fellow. »

31 January 2012 (619 clicks)
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