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Bloom Energy
Manufacturer of power generation systems, using solid oxide fuel cell technology. Among its green technology customer area Google, which use 400kW of Bloom energy fuel cell server to power Google's cloud servers, and Adobe (1.2 MW). »

27 January 2012 (245 clicks)

Bright Hub
The hub for bright mind. Provides technology, science, and eduation information that you can act on. »

28 January 2012 (325 clicks)

Dirgantara Indonesia, PT
State owned aerospace company, manufacturing civil and military aircraft. Bandung, West Java. »

02 April 2004 (728 clicks)

iRobot Corporation
Robot builder: home robot, industrial robot, military robot, etc. »

11 May 2011 (208 clicks)

Newton's Law
Isac Newton's law of motions »

28 February 2005 (465 clicks)

Physic and technology news. »

22 February 2005 (377 clicks)

Scientific information search engines »

28 February 2005 (411 clicks)

State Research Center of Rusia
Rusian Central R&D Institute for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics. »

28 February 2005 (665 clicks)

Willow Garage
Developer of hardware and open source software for personal robotics applications. The company aim to facilitate the use of personal robotics in everyday life. »

11 May 2011 (219 clicks)
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